My mother always said “your life is your art”. We are surrounded by beauty. The sacred geometry of life. The details of being. We take pride communicating its importance. We only refine what is already designed. And that is everything.

pinched from designer Jessica Hische. Lovely design. Pun intended.

Effecting the Affected

Or is it the other way around? Crap. Should know that. (Rest assured we professionally proof our copy for clients. And not by our grammar school aged nieces and nephews ripe with the answers.) I guess we need to be grammar schooled.

Regardless of syntax, let me shift tones. We take our work and our core values seriously. With the most important – living justly and advocating for our global environment and ALL it’s life. We do this everyday with industry choices in print and web + always reaching forward with motivation toward social consciousness.

Even though we were beyond fortune to miss within a few miles the devastating tornado yesterday, we are interconnected to our community. We truthfully are all one. Through our spirit. In our passions. By our gifts. And with our abilities. Our capacity to help in times of despair is limitless. And we, with great humility – as residents, natives, business owners, creatives, and activists – at WSS are staying on top of ways aid recovery as well as designing our own.

In addition to volunteering in supply warehouses, donating to its stock, working with animal welfare orgs, and continuing to scout other means of contribution, we are donating 20% off all income during during May to local relief efforts.

We will choose the recipient for each receivable along side our client. We can all make a difference with every decision, transaction and smile. Let it begin with me. Our energies and prayers are with our neighbors.

At both ends

Shew… We’re working it! Thru Q1 of 2011 and brimming w/ inquiries, new clients, fresh ideas and nicely progressing branding ensembles. Spring has sprung, Easter is approaching and rebirth is delivering.

Not only are we working our asses off, we’re growing and nesting. We are parallel with spring. Soon we might be expanding our creatives, introducing our co-op, and looking into new space. White of course. And not only a new working environment but a personal pad for me. Again, white is mandatory. Padded walls aren’t. So… along with new business ventures, possibly moving, mad preparation there of, purging, cleaning, interviewing, strategizing, celebrating, commiserating, designing, producing, MLSing, and making time to actually stop, smell and nurture the budding roses – you could say we’re burning it at both ends. We embrace the change with gratitude. One day at a time. And preferably sans methane.

Love me some Terry Border’s Bent Objects. Book ordered.

Dear Pollen

You blow. Or actually lack there of. You stick to everything. Including my airway. Microscopically you may look like one of  Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers, but not near as magical or delightful. I’m hoping you won’t weather my nasonex or patience. Dirty or not, here you come. Rain rain come today, & come again every effin day.

ps_ when I said rain, I didn’t mean hen egg sized hail (description courtesy of Jerry Tracey) and tornadoes – but we’ll take what we can get. The ground is thankful, soaked like a sponge. The sweet birds are thankful, bathing in the fallen. The daffodils, fragrant hyacinth, wisteria, and budding azaleas are thankful, sharing their perfume. As are all my yellow stained personal effects, washed anew. Spring is springing.

Gold Baby

We won a gold Addy last week for our Oikon, Inc. business wardrobe!

Through Oikon’s extensive services, they help reposition companies. Whether is be through a new space in real estate, small business management or strategy and implementation planning – they supplement your strengths and help you grow.

Our concept was to reposition the dot of the ‘i’ into the period of the mark. This graphic hook was carried through all the branding. Most apparent in the wardrobe, we die cut the hole on the business card, letter pressed the pattern on the letterhead, and created an interactive element on the note card. Oikon’s employee’s are now equipped with a tiny hand-held hole punch to die out their own date when sending old school correspondence. Check it out here.

Props to Patrick Masterson for the perfection in printing!

Dear Tagalongs

And Thin Mints. And Samoas. Just not Trefoils. You suck,

As Shakira says my ‘hips don’t lie’. And neither does my poor GI track with elevated, but thank god not diagnostic, levels of gluten intolerance. But you make the 20° temps and Punxsutawney Phil usually seeing his shadow worth it. It’s so that time of year…

Iron Tribe : Food

We’ve been working hard branding two new food lines for Iron Tribe Fitness. Here’s your sneak peak at the InnerFire Grill packaging!

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